Standards of Practice Working Group

IRSA Standards of Practice Working Group

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EBIR exam Australia and New Zealand

For the first time the EBIR examination is being held in Melbourne, Australia, for IRSA members, on the 6th and 7th February 2015. 

CIRSE have just launched a page on their website offering further information, and application criteria. 

Online registration will start between the middle and end of October.

Exam applications will be taken on a first come first served basis, and the number of places is limited.  Further updates will be posted.  

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Use of the term “superficial femoral vein”

The WA Department of Health recently contacted the College regarding ongoing use of the term “superficial femoral vein” in ultrasound reporting.  Use of this term has been misinterpreted as being a superficial vein (rather than deep) in the setting of thrombosis and lead to negative patient outcomes.

IRSA and the Ultrasound Reference Group of the College have reviewed this issue and direct members to the ASUM Statement on Use of ‘Superficial Femoral Vein’ Term, which reminds clinicians that the term “superficial femoral vein” is not anatomically or medically correct and clarifies the correct terminology that should be used.

View the ASUM Statement on Use of ‘Superficial Femoral Vein’ Term,

New IRSA EBIR update

New IRSA EBIR update by IRSA President Tim Buckenham

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IRSA Research Project

Please find attached an introductory letter from Donna Katae, Australasian IRSA Research Coordinator, together with a questionnaire. Your participation with the questionnaire would be greatly appreciated.

Introductory letter

IRSA Research Questionnaire