Uterine Fibroid Embolisation on National TV Channel 7 news

Dr Eisen Liang together with the IRSA Executive would like to alert all IRSA members to the link below

Uterine Fibroid Embolisation was on the national TV Channel 7 network news.

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Attached two useful files for IRSA members to respond to media and public enquires regarding UFE. Maybe you can put them on the website also.

Fact sheet for Medical Writers 2015

UFE FAQs page 1

UFE FAQs page 2




Australasian EBIR Exams 2016

EBIR Exams 2016

IRSA are pleased to announce the next Australasian sitting of the EBIR Exams will take place in Queenstown, New Zealand on Monday 1st August 2016, preceding the 2016 IRSA Annual Scientific Meeting to be held from the 2nd - 4th August.

EBIR Australia

EBIR  update

Exciting times for IR as IRSA in collaboration with CIRSE bring the EBIR Exams to Australia  for the first time.

The Melbourne Marriott Hotel was the venue for the first EBIR exams to be held in Australia in February 2015.

Thirteen IRSA members sat the exams over two days, and feedback from both examiners and examinees was very positive.

The next Australasian sitting, will be combined with the IRSA Annual Scientific meeting, to be held in Queenstown in 2016.

The exams will take place on Monday 1st August 2016, preceding the ASM on the 2nd,3rd and 4th of August.

EBIR Examiners 2015

EBIR Examiners 2015


An Invitation to Participate in the National Diagnostic Reference Level Service

Image Guided lnterventional Procedure Survey

Arpansa Invite