Uterine artery embolisation for adenomyosis

IRSA would like to congratulate fellow member Dr Eisen Liang on publication of his paper on uterine artery embolisation for adenomyosis, published in ANZJOG 2018. Dr Liang based at the Sydney Adventist Hospital has dedicated a  lot of  time and effort completing the paper, and IRSA are pleased the work has been recognised in an O&G Journal. A copy of the paper is attached for your perusal.

Link to Video summary of paper: https://vimeo.com/251178182

APSCVIR Membership

Please see attached letter regarding personal APSCVIR membership for

IRSA Members.

Personal APSCVIR membership


APSCVIR Gold medal Award

Irsa would like to congratulate Dr Robert Allen on presentation of the APSCVIR Gold medal award in Auckland.

As an early pioneer of IR, inventor, and genius in IR design, Rob has trained a wealth of IRs around the Asia Pacific region.

Rob is one of the founding figures of IR in Australia, and is to be commended on his great lifetime achievement!

The award was presented by IRSA President Dr Gerard Goh at the Gala dinner.




EBIR Holders 2018

EBIR 2018

IRSA would like to congratulate all the Australian and New Zealand candidates of the 2018 EBIR held in Auckland. All candidates were successful in passing the EBIR, and there are now 76 EBIR holders in Australia and New Zealand EBIR Holders Australlia and New Zealand 2018


IRSA Registrar Conference 2018

IRSA Registrar Conference 2018, Alfred Hospital Melbourne

A reminder to members that the IRSA Registrar weekend will take place at the Alfred Hospital over the weekend of 23rd/24th June 2018.

As in previous years the convenors aim to educate the next generation of Radiology trainees in the basic concepts, techniques and equipment in the IR world.

Registrars will be nominated by Heads of Dept/ Directors of Training, so please register your interest to attend.