Calling all Interventional Radiologists,

TROG Interventional Oncology group

The TROG Interventional Oncology group has been created for Interventional Radiologists
with an interest in oncology, and provides an important opportunity for IRs to drive the research
base and evidence supporting interventional oncology procedures and techniques. TROG is one
of the largest clinical trials groups in the world, and the IO special interest group will facilitate the
creation of a research network for Interventional Oncologists, and provide crucial access to
TROG resources for research advice, study design, biostatistics, ethics, grant writing, collaboration,
data collection and analysis. Membership of the TROG IO special interest group is open to any
Interventional Radiologists with an interest in oncology. Please register on-line at www.trog.com.au/Membership.
Interventional Radiology will have at least two research projects for discussion at the 2018 TROG ASM.
These projects will focus on the management of renal masses using percutaneous ablation, and a combined
approach for the treatment of lung cancer using microwave ablation and stereotactic radiotherapy. Future
research projects will also be discussed and planned, including those involving hepatobiliary oncology and
liver interventions.  For further details, please contact TROG via email: trog@trog.com.au


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